Azita Moradkhani was born in Tehran where she was exposed to Persian art and culture as well as Iranian politics, and that double exposure increased her sensitivity to the dynamics of vulnerability and violence that she explores in her work and art-making process. She received her BFA from Tehran University of Art (2009), and both her MA in Art Education (2013) and her MFA in drawing, painting & sculpture (2015) from Boston’s School of the Museum of Fine Arts & Tufts University.

The female body, and its exposure to different social norms, is central to Moradkhani's work. Through her drawings and body castings, she is examining displacement as an unnatural state we experience when we find ourselves insecure in our own body. Her series of colored pencil drawings of intimate lingerie, explores connected narratives of pain and pleasure through repeated abstract patterns and images based on photojournalism, art photography, and iconography. She uses an aesthetic of pleasure to attract the viewer’s attention. Yet upon closer inspection, through the layers of colored pencil, past the details of lace and filigree, disruptive iconography becomes apparent, narrating inherited histories of nation and belief.

In sculptural work, through the collaborative process of casting her nude body, she places herself in a vulnerable situation that challenges her own belief system. She again mixes imagery— tattoos of memory and history—to emphasize both inter- and dis- connections between sexual representation and national identity, between the public and the private.

She was a recipient of both the Young Masters Art Prize and the Young Masters Emerging Woman Art Prize in London in 2017 and also received the Saint Botolph Club Foundation Emerging Artists Grant that same year. She was juried into the prestigious Medal Award Gala auction at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, in 2015. 

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